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The Good of Forex Trading: Trading Strategies


One of the most powerful way to make money in a powerful and profitable way is by foreign currency trading. This business is worth 2.5 trillion dollars in a day. I can see the "wow" exclamation on your face, don't act all surprised, those in it are making it big. For thousands of years now, the secrets of how to trade successfully have been hidden from the general public.


The jealously guarded secret is used by the shakers and movers of international finance and banking as well as the elites and not forgetting the privileged societies and wealthy families in European countries who use it to make money. As a result they easily create fortunes from que es el trading in foreign currencies each day.


As a result there has been propagation of negative campaign all over the mass media that currency trading is risky and that people should not do it as it shall lead to losing a lot of money. However, learning how to trade profitably will help one avoid most of these risks associated with currency. To be successful in this trade, one needs only to master a few trading strategies rather than being a jack of all trades.  Below we discuss some of these strategies.


1.  Indicator driven trading systems

This systems use indicators in order to generate forex que es trading signal as opposed to using a pure price action. This implies that the information they provide is always lagging and not producing the price action on the chart which is up to date. This strategy looks exciting but it is highly risky and should be approached with extreme care.


2.  Harmonic trading pattern

This is an art of recognizing specific price patterns in line with retracements and Fibonacci extensions in order to calculate turning points in the financial markets. to master it, one should practice a lot even though it is one of the best trading systems offering high reward vs risk ratio.


3.  Old school technical analysis trading strategies

This strategy has been utilized in the longest time ever. It involves analyzing consolidation breakouts, ascending triangles, flag patterns as well as shoulder and head patterns. This system actually works. If you want to learn more about trading, you can visit


4.  Price action strategies

This is the best forex trading system ever available. This involves reading the price action on chart, when reading the chart; this gives you the most recent prices. It only requires one to learn the price action in order to improve their performance.